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HOWL and HUNT the HEIR D.S. Wrights and Lilith Dark is LIVE!
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This is a paranormal horror erotica novel,
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What was supposed to be an extended family camping trip turns horribly wrong.
All Liala wanted for her 21st birthday is to reconnect with her long-dead mother at the place her parents met and they used to visit until her mother’s death.
Despite an old woman’s warning, the camp of her extended family and friends is eventually set up at a secluded little piece of paradise… and right in the middle of the local werewolf pack’s territory.
When meeting these lethal creatures eye-to-eye, Lia must learn to accept a life-altering truth and learn to stand her ground against forces she could never imagine.


HOWL and HUNT the Heir is not suited for minors or the faint-hearted as it contains disturbing descriptions of gory murder, non-con, and shifter/human intercourse.

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#MyReview of Sweet Venom by Gena Lutz #paranormal

Sweet Venom (Venin Assassin #1)Sweet Venom by Gena D. Lutz

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My name is Cassis Dark, and I am a Spider Venin.
Very interesting paranormal read, with a very different type of breed for the main character that I have ever read. Cassis is a badass assassin, a heroine,helping those in the grips of the night queen. Along with her friend Kris, a kickass scorpion venin, and Rue a newly changed snake venin. Throw in werewolves, vampires, succubus, fairies, and hellhounds, and it’s an all around blood bath.
I thought it was a unique storyline , with very distinguished characters, the author went out of the normal bounds to write this , and for that deserves 5 well written stars.
This is an action packed paranormal read, no steam , but I still thoroughly enjoyed.
Received a volunteer copy by the author, reviewed and recommended by Alpha Loving Erotic Book Beauty Blog

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My review of The Fate by Stephanie Erickson

The Fate (The Children of Wisdom Book 1)The Fate by Stephanie Erickson
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My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was by far the most creatively written type of Genre ive read. So many things happening in a tied up web. This book is about heaven and earth. Penn is a spinner which means he has the job of creation. Be also has 2 sisters one has the job of starting an the other ending life. When it becomes an addiction for Penn it leads him into hot water so to speak with the big guy ( God) he convinced the archangel to allow him to speak to God. This is banishment leading him to earth to teach him a lesson. His fate now depends on much more. Fantastically written, the plot was very well layed out, and a fun mysterious, adventurous read! Deserves 5 stars!

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My review of Illusions (in the arms of the law) by Kacey Hammell

Illusions (In the Arms of the Law, #1)Illusions by Kacey Hammell
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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book has all the non stop heart racing nail biting action all rolled into one! Isabella is one woman that takes her job very seriously. She can handle all aspects of her life except the love part. She wants no part of it. Shes happy with the way things are, she don’t believe in it, an knows its just not for her. That’s until she meets Brady who is also in the same boat. He’s been hurt and doesn’t want to go through that heartache again. He’s an investigator, with a helpful tool! He also gets these visions. After alot of fighting love hot sex and I mean smoking hot! He gets a vision that could take away the one thing he’s fighting for. This has loads of suspense, mystery, and hot scenes to keep you going for sure!

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My review of Into The Darkness by NoraΒ Ash

Into the Darkness by Nora Ash My rating: 5 of 5 stars THIS BOOK DESERVES 5++++ and is on my favorites list!!Intrigue, corruption, secrets, vigilantes, superheroes is just a start of Into The Darkness!