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Crash: Bad Boy MMA RomanceCrash: Bad Boy MMA Romance by Haylee Delane

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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A heap of suprises!

Crash, aka Andrew, big bad boy, ex marine, now mma champ in brazil, gets what he wants after every win, bottle of liquor and a woman or two, meets Harper, just finished med school, top of her class, who takes a much needed vaca before her residency begins in brazil. Crash meets her at a bar and wants her. She eventually gives into his advances and they have a hot n heavy romp at the beach that night.

He wakes up on beach next morning and she’s gone. He goes back to hotel and her n her friends left. He cant get her off his mind, he’s smitten with her, but afraid he’ll never find her again. He gets notice his mom passed away n goes back to america, cleans out his moms house n finds an old letter she never sent, it was to the father he never knew, which really thickens things.

So many surprises unfolding in this book!! Its a multicultural stepbrother romance, Crash is white , Harper is dark skinned. This was an overall hot, and romantic story with a beautiful HEA !! Arc received by the author, highly recommended !

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