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Semper FiSemper Fi by D.H. Cameron
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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is about Erik and Darlene, complete opposite struggling with there own suffering. Erik a marine ended up losing his leg while in service. Darlene on the other hand just has no self esteem, she’s got alot of issues struggling with weight, depression. Sometimes though when both are going through so much, is when things pull them together. Its a bbw Stepbrother Romance sexy , emotional read.

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my Review of Hunter (Big Girls and Bad Boys) Military Romance by D.H Cameron

I really enjoyed the entire storyline. You have a strong woman Melinda with very strong beliefs. You also have a strong Hero, Hunter a marine that will do anything to fight for our country. After meeting at a frat party, a few drinks and they end up in each other’s arms, and more. The Second time doesn’t go so smoothly , Melinda not knowing Hunter is a marine starts ranting about her being a war activist. It hits a huge nerve with Hunter, and he takes off not wanting to talk to her again. Fate not allowing that to happen, and they find each other again. After talking they realize they aren’t that much different, but how can a Marine an a war activist really make anything work? She finds out her true beliefs, she doesn’t hate the actual military, but also is starting to realize they aren’t victims she once saw them to be.. I think a lot of what she thought she believed was because of her roommate Daisy, a hardcore activist hating the military all together. Being afraid though she lets him go again, until something happens that brings him back to her once again. Deploying to Iraq, and this time she’s truly scared, and they both know it’s time to put everything out on the table. His family fully supports there decision, they love Melinda as if she were there own, and gains a lot more then she ever thought possible. I did not give this 5 Stars, but also didn’t put it as low as a 3 were because of these reasons I really loved the storyline, the plot, and the characters, But I didn’t like how the conversing was written between the characters. There was to much of “Hunter said this” “Melinda said that” in the book. there are many times, when reading that you know who is saying what, and it kinda felt like I was reading something like how a younger kids book would be written with the understanding of the he said this, she said that , and it was becoming overwhelming at times for myself. If the dialogue was better written I definitely would have given it 5 Stars. I do admire that the sales of this book are going to a military charity! That in itself is a fantastic reason to buy the book, and enjoy the lives of Hunter, and Melinda, and Hunters very open, and somewhat crazy family πŸ™‚ I was given this book in return of an honest review

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