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Shawna Hunter’s Submission Backstory: Memoir of a BDSM Authoress

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About Submission Backstory 


                     💫  **Blurb** 💫

Immersing herself in work worldly reporter Alyssa K travels to New York on the trail of a hot story. After arriving she discovers that the story is much bigger than she could have dreamed. Facing steep competition from a rival with no scruples, Alyssa must think outside the box to find a fresh angle. Her search leads her to David, an overconfident younger man who promises the inside scoop Alyssa needs. All he asks in return is a little of her time. At first thinking she has the edge on her cute young admirer Alyssa soon learns that there is more to young David than meets the eye. Ultimately she realizes that she’s not just hunting this story she’s living it, and must decide if she will run from her future or submit to desires she didn’t even know she had. 

           💥  *”•*”• Excerpt •*”•*” 💥

“Come here, Alyssa. I know you aren’t wearing panties. Lift up your skirt and bend over my lap so I can get a proper view of your bare ass.” 

I could have walked out the door but I didn’t. My hands slid down my dress. The thought that I was actually doing this screamed in my mind but it couldn’t stop me. Nothing could. I lifted my dress right off my body and let it fall. I pushed my hair back, hiding nothing and lay down across this young man’s lap. 

“How old are you David?”

“I’m 21.” 

He was 16 years my junior. Had I lost my mind? 

“I’m going to hit you five times per cheek. I want you to give me a number from one to ten. Ten means stop, one means go harder. I want you to keep the pain at around a six or seven. Is that clear, Alyssa?”


“You will allow me to do this?”

“Isn’t that obvious?”

“Say it, Alyssa.”

“I will allow you to spank me.”

“And give me feedback on the intensity?”


“Good girl.”

I was no such thing. I was being so very naughty and, it occurred to me, I probably did deserve a spanking for that.

When I’d imagined a spanking I’d imagined it as a slap. It was not. His hand struck on the curve of the cheek and lifted it slightly. The impact was deeper than a slap, it rocked me forward. My body quivered with a strange mix of pain and pleasure. The impact, the warmth of his hand, it brought all my focus to my most intimate parts. I wanted to play it off, pretend it was nothing but my lips parted as the third slap rocked me and moistened with each shuddering breath as my excitement built. 

“The number, Alyssa?” 

“Five.” It was closer to an eight but I wanted it hard. I was so turned on I doubt I would have yelled ten no matter how hard he hit me. My butt was flushing pink as were my cheeks and I knew if he continued I was going to cum. He continued. I came. 

My body trembled as his hand massaged my buttocks. He knew what had happened as well as I did. Better perhaps. I had never imagined that a spanking could cause an orgasm. The lesson totally blew my mind.

“Very good.” 

“I, I don’t know why…”

“There’s a scientific reason but it’s boring. The simpler answer is that you enjoyed it.” 

“I did.” 

I was ashamed to admit it but I really truly had enjoyed letting this man spank me. I climbed off his lap and knelt on the floor catching my breath. 


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About Blood & Rust (New York Crime Kings, Book 1):

Jai Stone…

I met him in the shadows first. He was tall and broad-shouldered, a man walking a dangerous path of rage and revenge, barreling toward certain death. The more time we spent together, the more he showed me who he was.



Ferocious in his own way…

I had no right following Jai into the abandoned industrial site, but I did, and that stupid mistake was all it took to rip me from my world of semi-normalcy and thrust me headfirst into the gritty criminal underground with Stone as my only ally.

Aboveground, I’m a student nurse painfully dragging herself through an unfulfilling life, but down here, where men wear tattoos on their faces and kill without remorse, I’m a fraud living on borrowed time…

…and not much of it.


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