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Payne: A Bad Boy RomancePayne: A Bad Boy Romance by Kim Linwood
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My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow this book took my breath away in so many forms! An emotional rollercoaster with brilliant writing had my imagination flowing throughout the writers words.
Payne an ex Navy seal, now a hired killer. He only takes out the dirt bags so it seems to make sense to him, besides its what he’s good at. Make a plan. Get in get out, no strings, and noone is the wiser, except this time , there’s a different target than he ever imagined possible.
Nora a 5 foot cop, working the desk, with a hunger for the field. Taking after her dad who got shot in the back during the line of duty, she now works at his old precinct. She’s tiny , but is a force to be reckoned with.
As Payne finds his new home till his job is finished he runs into the little police officer, saving his music from tumbling out into the Chicago snow and slush. As she catches it he gives her an irritated thanks , and holds open the door to the same apartment building she lives in. Oh great, Payne is going to be staying in the same building as a cop.
He gets off to a bad start with the neighbors as he blasts his metal, causing the windows to rattle in Nora’s apartment. Annoyed and frustrated she puts on her robe and boots walking upstairs to the new neighbor knocking and banging on the door. Finally answering without a shirt, his body sweaty from working out, her mind goes blank not able to stop staring at his body. Payne quickly notices getting a kick out of her mad lil scrunched face, not able to keep his own eyes from looking down at her busty figure . Nora notices the tattoo right away on his heart, and figures that’s why he acts so cold .
Nora’s boss finally gives her a job in the field to watch a higher up running for mayor. A babysitting job but at least it’s something.
Payne’s watching his target doing his homework, and of all people he sees his police neighbor with the target.
He uses this tidbit to his ability, explaining to Nora that he takes pictures for a living. His reasoning is ” he likes to shoot things” lol
So Nora gets him inside the building as he photographs paying attention to the details as a hired gunman would.
The couple get closer, more than both would like, but fate keeps pushing them together, Payne saves her from an icy road an vehicle, which her parents are so grateful for they invite the both to dinner.
Nora’s dad knows you don’t go from being a seal to a photographer, but doesn’t know his plans. Nora also knows something isn’t right, but how dark is he?
With the mob, and everyone else moving closer Payne must do this job, and get away fast, but in doing so will change Nora’s life forever.
Is he willing to go that far ? Or will he go even further to protect the adorable little cop? Will the Payne-in-her-ass do the unthinkable?
Is there hope for him, and can a cop be with a murderer? Must read intense thriller! 18 and up for the smoking scenes, highly recommended!

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#myReview Secret by Aubrey Irons

Secret: A Military Stepbrother RomanceSecret: A Military Stepbrother Romance by Aubrey Irons
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My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ahh what dirty lil secrets laying around. Although who doesn’t love a dirty juicy secret ! People will be gossiping about this book for awhile ! I’ll tell you alil of the gossip but you’ll have to read the book just to find out how juicy it really is!! Madison meets Hunter at a sex type party, feasting on one another. He is an arrogant ass type but he has the goods to prove it or so I’ve heard πŸ˜‰ thats not the biggest part though. Not by a long shot. Madison’s mom just got elected president, and is marrying the secretary of state whom is Hunter’s dad! Guess whose on her security detail? Oh how naughty step brother an stepsister, with there dirty secrets. Something that can’t get out, but I think I just leaked it out to the world..oops! A hot book with extra hot scenes! I enjoyed this one alot. Such secrets

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#myReview Obsession by Nora Flite Adair Rymer

Obsession: A Bad Boy's Secret BabyObsession: A Bad Boy’s Secret Baby by Nora Flite
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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

These two authors are both absolutely amazing! But when you put them together? Fireworks! I absolutely loved this story! Such a gut wrenching can love be found again type romance straight from the heart. Kait and Mal were truly in love, but things had happened that he had no choice but to leave. Not knowing exactly what had happened many years ago , and kaits brother especially doesn’t want him anywhere near his sister again. There’s only one huge thing that may hold the it together. That’s a baby. Will they do anything for love or will Mal have to end it all ? This is a really fantastic storyline, something felt so real, the characters fit well ,and the details were fantastic

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#myReview of Stolen by Kaylee Song

Stolen: A Bad Boy RomanceStolen: A Bad Boy Romance by Kaylee Song

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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Kathryn and Janson the most opposite people you could ever imagine falling in love! Janson is a very bad guy, he kills without thinking twice, Kathryn ends up kidnapped, by the very man. Now with an extra surprise on the way! What would you do? This book will have your heart pounding, your eyes glued, your mind blown , every emotion will be unhinged in Stolen! 5 stars received for honest review

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#myreview of Semper Fi by D.H Cameron #militaryromance

Semper FiSemper Fi by D.H. Cameron
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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is about Erik and Darlene, complete opposite struggling with there own suffering. Erik a marine ended up losing his leg while in service. Darlene on the other hand just has no self esteem, she’s got alot of issues struggling with weight, depression. Sometimes though when both are going through so much, is when things pull them together. Its a bbw Stepbrother Romance sexy , emotional read.

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My review of Bear Necessities by Selena Kitt

Bear Necessities (Bad Boy Alphas): A Post-Apocalyptic Bear Shifter RomanceBear Necessities (Bad Boy Alphas): A Post-Apocalyptic Bear Shifter Romance by Selena Kitt
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My rating: 5 of 5 stars

this I must say is my first apocalyptic style shifter book! Very interesting indeed! What do you do when the world is gone , and everything in it? You run far away into the woods like Ivy did! Not imagining to run into a sexy man that’s also a bear shifter!! Caleb has been put through so much, and then here is Ivy not knowing what to do with this bear. Things explode attractions unhinged, and wow! I Loved Ivy and Caleb I think they make the perfect pair! This is something shifter Lovers will enjoy because this went so much further then any other ive read!

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Ruthless: A Mafia Step-Brother Romance All I have to do is spy on Dimitri Brokov. The Dimitri Brokov.