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Rogue Blood (The Untouchables #4)Rogue Blood by T.A. Grey
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My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Heart Pounding Absorbing Emotional Vampire Romance

This storyline stole me off my feet and then some! I knew I would be in for a treat but I was impressed by how the story really took its twists and turns finding myself on the edge needing to hurry and read the next page. You do not have to read the other books in the series to read this one .

The hostess’ daughter Julianna Greenwich, comes from a wealthy and old vampire family, royalty. A masquerade ball , and Julianna is still a young wallflower, her innocence not taken. When her mother notices all the ladies swinging themselves at Vasilius Blackmoore, she makes her daughter go ask him to dance. Feeling flushed and embarrassed she doesn’t want to but her mother is someone Julianna knows not to argue with. Very ladylike and prime she walks over looking in his dark-set mahogany eyes and he accepts. Later on Julianna hears comotion next to her room, she’s infuriated, and decides to embarrass the coupling, turning on the lights, she finds a woman between another woman’s legs with none other than the heartthrob she had danced with not long ago. Of course he asks her to join, but she quickly slams the door shut, not believing what she had seen. She knows he gets around with women, it’s the talk of all the ladies, he’s good with what he does. His poweress.

After a horrible incident years later, Vasilius Blackmoore is not the heartthrob that the women used to throw themselves upon. His ex lover, went crazy and scarred the side of his face forever. Soon as people see the side of his face, he feels the rejection.
Deciding to go to another Greenwich party after his ordeal, his eyes move to Julianna, now curvy and grown up. Hearing the women around Julianna make horrible comments about him doesn’t bother him until he hears one voice …hers
“He may be ugly… but if he stays behind you, lovemaking with him mightn’t be so intolerable!”

Burned in his mind he will get his revenge one way or another, but dying father has other plans, he wants a prince of sorts to marry his daughter, with royal blood, knowing she will be taken care of , and not have to worry. Julian Greenwich wants Vas to marry his daughter! He hates her she disgusts him for how she said those things and laughed, how can he marry her? Then her father mentions she’s missing, again, as she was good at sneaking out late at night needing freedom.

At the same time Vas is talking to a woman online, kitty the only one he can talk to about his feelings, wanting to meet but knowing it should stay online especially since now he has to marry Julianna the woman he despises, he must finally meet her, an decides to trace her phone. Not knowing what she looks like is going to be tough, and looking at the gorgeous women an not getting his hopes up also proves difficult.
Throughout the story you get involved in the Blackmoore family, as well as a powerful dark magic creature that calls himself God.

As well as the backstory on Olivia and her mate Alpha Zeke a were president that governs all the vampires weres etc.
Not to mention an Oracle who puts Vas in his place, and puts everything out there for his new bruid to see. Thats when things really get out of control.Β Those tight Leather pants that make your ass look fabulous she whispers to Julianna for advice lol.

The plot thickens as the creature Lesther gets his vial hands on Julianna taking her family ring, and starts to cut across her neck , will they be able to save her? With her rare blood condition and nothing working, hopefully Vas will figure out and save His bruid before it’s too late!

Must read intensifying vampire romance with some sizzling moments and some charming ones as well!
Reviewed by Alpha Loving Erotic Book Beauty

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#MyReview of Rouge Moon by Lashell Collins #pnr 5 Stars! Teaser included

Rogue Moon (Bad Boy Alphas) (Rogue Moon Series Book 1)Rogue Moon (Bad Boy Alphas) by Lashell Collins

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My rating: 5 of 5 stars

One of my newest favorite books by Lashell Collins! A definite 5 Star read across the charts!
Mystery,greed,pain, love, are some of the emotions felt throughout this story.

Trevor Dare, a widow, an a multi millionaire, engineering a robotics lab for the local hospital. His money and position a perfect target.
His wife Jenny taken from him in a very cruel manner, causing the man so much pain, he will never think he can be happy again. Once with a pack , he takes off for good, not wanting to be a part of this strange new world.

Melissa Cartwright, a serious police detective, she does everything by the book, and never cuts corners.
Vicious murders begin taking place , there hearts all ripped out.. by an animal? How else can anyone explain the claw marks?
Melissa and her partner are assigned to the case, not sure where to even begin.
At the hospital for the introduction of the lab, Melissa catches Trevor’s eyes. The two can’t seem to keep there eyes off each other. Trevor introduces himself, but the introduction is cut short.
Even only just meeting there’s a slight pull that can’t be explained, but as Melissa, and her partner ( that also has interest in Melissa) finds Trevor’s card in the victims pocket, it causes Melissa to meet with Trevor again, under totally different circumstances.
As more deaths loom around the city, suspicions revolve around Trevor , and his father in law. Humbre .
After the word “Rouge” comes up in a meeting with Humbre, he orders his men to clean it up. Noone needs the cops snooping around.
That’s when she sees it for herself, Trevor, the sexy man that she feels power towards , now a beast . Scared out of her wits, she can’t seem to let him go.She wants to do right with her badge , but would anyone believe her? Would she become the laughing stalk of the department?

As time moves on, she finds out werewolves do exist, and she’s the fated mate. Jace, a shifter from another pack, also Jenny’s ex, makes an uninvited visit, and everything hits the fan. All Trevor’s answers,about his wife are right in front of him, or are they? Now he faces more questions than ever. The underestimated wolf bitten beneath a rouge moon. Legends do exist, its proven…

This does end with a cliffhanger, as it’s book 1 in this brand new series. Definitely worth the wait once you read it! Highly recommended by Alpha Loving Erotic Book Beauty Blogger

Rogue Moon TeaserRogue Moon Cover-1

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my review of Swept Left For Love (set 1-3)Ariana Hawkes

Shiftr: Swipe Left for Love Boxed Set (Books 1 - 3) BBW Bear, Tiger and Werewolf Paranormal Shifter RomancesShiftr: Swipe Left for Love Boxed Set (Books 1 – 3) BBW Bear, Tiger and Werewolf Paranormal Shifter Romances by Ariana Hawkes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love the author’s writing, her books are always creative, uniquely written with fantastic storylines! Every book in the set is about different characters , learning about each, and watching the shifter magic appear right in front of us! I can’t tell you my favorite out of these because I love them all equally, but some characters I became more fond of then others. That in itself makes it fun to read! Find out which ones you love, enjoy the thrill of the action and also hot scenes through the pages . Enjoy!! I received each book in return of an honest review highly recommended 5+++

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my review of Shifters in the snow (multi author box set)

Shifters in the Snow (15 Paranormal Romances of Winter Wolves, Merry Bears, & Holiday Spirits)Shifters in the Snow by Jacqueline Sweet
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another fantastic box set with Complete stories!!! That’s one of the best things!! The next best thing is These are Brand New and Never published before! Definitely a fun treat of these alphas and mates!! Liv Brywood is in this batch an she’s one of my favorites her story has to do with a bear shifter that had a child, but never knew it until he came back from the military , and found out his child will die without his help, very amazing story! Another fantastic one is by Jm Klaire ! I could go on an on just check them out! Fantastic for reading or gifting another alpha lover! Highly recommended

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Fated Bear : A Bear’s Bride novel: Shifter romance

Fated Bear : A Bear's Bride novel: Shifter romance (Bear Peak Paranormal Stories Book 1)Fated Bear : A Bear’s Bride novel: Shifter romance by Ursula Maya
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was the first book I’ve read by this author, and I must say I was not the least bit disappointed. Dante a bear shifter has never found his mate, he’s told when he sees her he will know. Well he’s seen every woman on the mountain, and nothing. He decides he has to leave the mountains, to find this mate, but before he does…Tawny a cupcake maker wants to be in business for herself , but she needs her day job to make ends meet. As her boss tells her in caution to leave use her vacation days, and don’t come back around she doesn’t know what to think. So she leaves , an decides to go to her aunt Mimi cabin. Mimi is very eccentric it seems, but Tawny has much love for her . Her bff Becca comes to the mountain for a fair , bringing along her new gruff mc man. As Tawny keeps running into Dante , not sure of what he wants, and won’t leave her alone she finally gives him a chance to explain. Shifters exist? Oh come on. One true mate? You gotta be kidding! She practically laughs in his face, and he takes it on the hard side. Becca having her own fun decides to see who the better fighter is at this fair wrestling competition, but there is only Dante, Becca’s new mc man Joshua, and another guy. As Tawny watches she starts seeing them shift in front of her. Bears, and wolves, she must be seeing things..or is she? Afterwards she helps Dante clean up a gash which he lets her to be close to her even though it’ll be healed soon, but what she don’t know won’t hurt her right? As there bodies start to really call to each other her phone rings , and it’s Tobe the guy no one likes , but is her so called bf, one she never sees anyhow. Enraged Dante leaves even though Tawny tries begging him to stay in the meantime though she has other things going on that she must face. Deciding to meet her dad after many years of being estranged, things don’t go as planned, but she does find some secrets of her own. Ones that she never imagined. Tearing off she flies up the mountains, As Danger lurks around narrow turns Dante saves Tawny, and much more. Finding things out about her life, and much more about herself. How can a one sided person believe , even with seeing with her own eyes? That is until…..Must read to find out! Shifter lovers of all kinds will enjoy this one , I definitely would recommend it! The characters had strong leads, and were likeable! Gripping plot, and ending!

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