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HOWL and HUNT the HEIR D.S. Wrights and Lilith Dark is LIVE!
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This is a paranormal horror erotica novel,
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What was supposed to be an extended family camping trip turns horribly wrong.
All Liala wanted for her 21st birthday is to reconnect with her long-dead mother at the place her parents met and they used to visit until her mother’s death.
Despite an old woman’s warning, the camp of her extended family and friends is eventually set up at a secluded little piece of paradise… and right in the middle of the local werewolf pack’s territory.
When meeting these lethal creatures eye-to-eye, Lia must learn to accept a life-altering truth and learn to stand her ground against forces she could never imagine.


HOWL and HUNT the Heir is not suited for minors or the faint-hearted as it contains disturbing descriptions of gory murder, non-con, and shifter/human intercourse.

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#NewRelease A Dance in the Dark – Check this hot piece of work out! #Eroticaย 

ย  Itโ€™s out! My newest erotica ebook is available: A Dance in the Dark. Check out the summary: When a girl finds herself ignored, she finds another dance partnerโ€ฆliterally. On a hot date โ€ฆ

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#NewRelease The Beast In Us by D.S Wrights #dark #erotica #taboo #MustRead

THE BEAST IN US (The Beast And Me Book 3) By Author D.S Wrightsย 

After several days of coma, I have finally woken up but I am not the same. Slowly, I, Meg, am trying to put the pieces of me back together, alone and separated from Jay. My new situation has changed my perspective on everything. I will never be the same.
Then, after countless days of being apart, Jay and I finally are reunited but everything has changed. Everything but one definite plan: escape from White’s clutches. Whom can I trust? Whose truth is reality.
In the end, there is just one thing we can rely on: the beast in us.

With The Beast In Us the series returns to its first narrator Meghan Singer, who has to face new threads, new decisions and one fact that will change her life forever.

Please beware that this book is not suited for minors and also includes dark and disturbing themes as well as explicit sexual interactions.

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My review of Undone by Jessika Kline

UNDONE (Siri's Saga Book 3)UNDONE by Jessika Klide
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My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Aurei and Siri a fabulous sweet couple that has been through many ups an downs, just like any other couple in love, except Siri being a big time dancer, and having her own secrets. After a night of fun they next day they find Whore all over social media, feeling disgraced they take off to Aurei’s home, with Siri praying they’ll like her after all that’s been happening. She’s worried they may have read what they did, and not be welcoming at all, but right now there is no other choice. She must have there approval, which right now she’s not sure that’ll happen. We also meet a cousin of Aurei. One of those types that thinks he’s gods gift. He’s something alright! This is the 3rd book,and you should read these in order.highly recommended for mature readers 5Stars from Alpha Loving Erotic Book Beauty Blogger

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SUBORDINATION by Katie Ashley #bdsm #Mistress #submissive

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