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#MyReview Savage Sacrifice by Kathleen Kelly #MCRomance

Savage Sacrifice (Savage Angels MC, #5)Savage Sacrifice by Kathleen Kelly
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My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In the Mc world, you just never know what’s going to happen, or who its going to happen with. So many temptations looming around, as well as demons and angels. What side do you choose?
Kathleen Kelly shows us that things are worth fighting for if you really make that effort, and don’t give up so easily.
With secrets spinning out of control, things looking different from the other side, it maybe hard to believe in whats true.
Would Kat do the unthinkable to Dane? Is there life over? Or is Dane ready to walk away from everything he’s known including the club to keep his happiness intact?
Sometimes even the devil can be fought with the strength of the Savage Angels .
I have loved all of Kathleen Kelly’s books in the series, she has such a vivid imagination making you feel apart of the Mc world, and the challenges they face. The plot was strong, and the characters were really shown throughout the authors mind.
Definitely a recommended book for Mc lovers, and even Romance lovers with some definite action!
5 Stars for Savage Sacrifice!

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