๐Ÿ’œ The Collaring ๐Ÿ’œ by Jodi ( first short story) #bdsm

The Collaring


As I was reviewing my new Master’s directions for the day, I started daydreaming about last night. My mind was in the past, so fresh in my head, and body, as I felt the soreness between my legs. Closing my eyes a moment rethinking of that most intense, passionate moment, my phone went off bringing me back to the present. Reading the message โ€˜Pet you better be tied up as I presented in my notes by the time I get homeโ€™ my body already flushed, thinking how much more my body could handle, but I would never complain, he could make me feel Sooo good! My body would soon forget that slight pain between my legs, and be dripping wet at the site of Master. Drifting back to the thoughts I sighed with a smile , damn that man could drive my body crazy! As I let my mind wander deeper, I could see the scene, could hear his words as if they were happening at this moment.

We were both drinking after a celebration of being collared, it was a small quaint ceremony, but that’s how we wanted it. Master knew I’m a switch at heart, and respected that, but knew I would only bow before him. I was still naked from this ceremony, the only thing I wore was my jeweled collar inscribed โ€˜ Sirs babyโ€™ as I sat back recording the thoughts of the day my hand went around my new collar, the leather scent strong yet, as my fingers crossed each piece of jewelry, before guiding across the gold smooth plate in the middle. As he placed the collar around my neck his lips ghosted across my lips whispering โ€˜Mineโ€™ . a shiver went down my spine at the thought. Oh how I loved the word โ€˜Mineโ€™ so dominating, so true.

After the ceremony, he took me to a cottage, candles lite the path as we walked, a leash attached to my collar, but he didn’t need to use it. I obeyed, I knew my place. As he swung open the door, a gasp left my lips, he picked me up and took me across the threshold. My eyes went wide, shocked . he looked down with a wink, and that gorgeous smile, that always made my body melt. The scent of lavender, vanilla, and camomile had such a calming effect on my body. Sir then sat me on the white cotton sheets covering the large bed. They felt cool under my warm ass, and I finally got a chance to observe my surroundings. Candles lit up the room, with roses on the bedside table. I never imagined Sir to be such a romantic. Grabbing my face he kissed the breath right out of me. Such force, animalistic, hungry. Pulling away, I opened my eyes just as he took his tie off folding it into a triangle then fastening it around my eyes. Licking my lips excitedly he told me to place my hands out, as I did I felt something soft go around my wrists then pushing me down I felt my legs spread apart tied to something heavy. Must have been the bed posts. My breathes risen and fell the more excited I became. โ€œDo Not Move my Pet understand?โ€ โ€œYes Sirโ€ I spoke softly. Feeling a hand move across my thigh, his warmth inviting , ย as he found the source of my wetness. โ€œMmm yes that’s my girlโ€ his fingers slid up an down my slit before I felt his tongue lash out licking up and down my bald slit like someone that has never been so hungry. As he sucked my clit I cried out heavenly tunes. My body shivering, but holding myself together as much as I could. His tongue was magical, licking my clit in circles then sucking down hard. My back tried to arch into Sirs face but I fought my own desires. Then I felt his hands clamp my thighs as he devoured my pink pussy,the deeper he trusted the louder my moans. Oh god it was so hard to keep still! The faster his tongue fucked my cunt the harder my body tried disobeying .Then he stopped, not a word, everything went silent. My breaths were still erratic, and loud. Just then I felt something cold and long inserting in my wet pussy. โ€œDon’t cum babyโ€ he growled as the vibrator turned on. Oh god, what sweet torture! My pussy was convulsing as the vibrator jolted my insides. He knew this would be difficult, he had to of? My moans shook with my body, my toes curled up sharply, as if I’d snap in two, I felt his hand grab under my ass tilting me upwards pushing a pillow under my back , making the ties pull tighter. His warm hand slapped my ass as his pinkie went in circles around my asshole. My cries were bolting from my throat, my insides throbbing in pleasure, as his pinkie went inside my ass I thought I would lose it right there! He must have noticed my distress , and pouring wetness, because he took the vibrator out , a loud groan left my lips, as I felt his tongue licking my pussy

โ€œOh God Sirโ€ I screamed he then started going faster, deeper placing another finger in my asshole. Not thinking I could take anything else, he gripped my clit with his lips , sucking harder, my body jolting off the pillow causing his fingers to deepen upon my grinding. โ€œYou love it don’t you, my whore?โ€ Hearing his tongue lapping like an animal drinking water my cries โ€œYesss Sir whore loves it!!โ€ My pussy and ass was throbbing so hard I was losing myself! Feeling the gruff of his beard teasing my pussy lips the faster he moved his face my body was catching on fire! Just as I thought I couldn’t take anymore I felt him stop again. My body wouldn’t stop so easily, as my cries, and moans, consumed my mouth, leaking juices, feeling them running down my inner thighs, knowing how close my orgasm was. Feeling the feet unrestrained โ€œRoll over my lil Slutโ€ he groaned his voice strained. Quickly getting on all fours, a hard slap echoed through the room, landing on my ass. Whimpering at the sudden pain, another one landed, then another, losing count as I bit the pillow, taking each one, feeling my ass burn as my pussy juices dripped faster. Feeling white heat surrounding my tissue Sir cracked my red ass 5 more times before the sudden cold temperatures caused my body to jerk up in surprise. Omg what was that?? My brain recognized the cold as Ice. Feeling the cube melting in Sirs mouth as his tongue slid down my ass pushing the chip inside my hot cunt. โ€œMmm Sirโ€ moaning out, forgetting the pain on my ass, Loving the newfound feeling inside my swollen pussy ,his tongue swirling as he pushed more ice inside my hot slit. โ€œOh yea baby melt that ice, mmhmm that’s My Pussy , right pet?โ€ Gasping out โ€œYes Sir, yours!โ€ โ€œFucking right mineโ€ he growled, causing tingles to trail down my body, shivering and shaking from all the contact.

Feeling Sir grab my hair my neck jerked back , whispering into my ear โ€œMine, My Body, My Pussy, My Body, My Baby!โ€ then guiding his thick cock inside my wet pussy I cried out like a crazed animal. His thrust so deep, so full , the harder my moans, the deeper his cock thrusted inside. I fueled Sirs desire, I knew that. His hand fisted my hair harder , pushing my head back into his chest , feeling a kiss on head , sweat touching my face from his hard pounding. My pussy craved Sirs cock, Loving the fullness inside me. Feeling his hand move back up my ass sticking a finger back inside my hole, a breathless groan left my lips, โ€œOh Fuck Sir!โ€ I cried out. โ€œMmm mineโ€ he moaned. Jackhammering my cunt, owning it, as my pussy worshipped his cock with my juices , holding back the big O. Bodies slapping together, moaning and crashing together, my back arched so hard as the deep hard fucking resumed. My body teetering off the edge squeezing Sirs cock, he left my hair go moving his fingers around following my Bouncing tits, grabbing my nipple hard , pulling on it, causing my body to convulse in need. โ€œSir!!โ€ I cried not knowing how much I can take before falling off the cliff. Slamming into my womb , hearing Sirs groans, and moans become louder, his cock thickening inside my sopping wet pussy. My nipple pulsing hard, feeling the heart beat with each twist, as my insides convulsed harder, Thrashing around Sirs cock. โ€œMINE Slut, I own your orgasms baby !โ€ One more hard thrust โ€œNow baby!โ€ Letting go of my nipple running down to my clit tugging my nerve endings, as Sirs cum shot deep inside my womb, my body jerking harder, my stomach muscles clenched up, my rolling tide, rushing fast , and hard screaming โ€œYes Sir , Yes …oh God Thank you Sir!!โ€ my entire body quivering in the flow, squirting all over, feeling Sir holding onto me tightly his hand moving up my ass rubbing the redness, pinching my clit one last time, as my body jerked hard against him with a squeal from my lips. His breathless voice chuckled , and sighed before pulling out , rolling me over. Taking off the bindings around my wrists, then the tie around my eyes, grabbing my face for the deepest, Loving kiss I ever imagined. With a happy sigh, my fingers trailing against my Masters face we both smiled relaxing into each others arms.

Looking deeply in my eyes โ€œthank you babyโ€ my look puzzled โ€œ shouldn’t I be thanking you , Sir?โ€ His eyes shifted down to my neck , then back to my eyes โ€œNo my sweet pet, you submitted, devoting yourself to me, I’m the one that needs to thank you โ€œ with a tear drop on the verge of my eyelash โ€œ thank you Sir, for being the best Master in the worldโ€

As we cuddled, and shown one another our happiness, we fell asleep in each others armsโ€ฆ

As my thoughts resumed to the present I looked at the clock, realizing I had to hurry up , and get tied up , waiting for what Sir was planning on doing to his willing baby. With a smile on my lips I snapped the clasp together waiting on Sir to get home.