Why I haven’t been posting much lately

I know ones who faithfully follow me, realize I haven’t been posting much. I don’t usually post personal family issues on here as well, but i think I need to this time. My family, has been dealing with the another round of blows. The word that makes many of us cringe the C word has attacked one of my family members. My uncle had just been diagnosed in January that he has it all through him, in December he found out he was going to be a grandpa, an was so happy, and now the doctors tell him he has 6-12 months to live. After getting 2nd and 3rd opinions, there’s nothing that can be done. This was a month ago, about a week ago we got the call if you want to see him, now maybe the time. He’s down to 107 pounds. From a healthy 180 or so 1 month ago. I’ve always been close to my uncle, especially after my dad passed unexpectedly when he was only 54. He looks so much like my dad, and every time I see him I see my dad. Even in the way he acts , just everything. So this has been hell on myself, and my entire family.
8 months ago my cousin who is the same age as myself was diagnosed with Lou Garrets disease. I don’t know much about it, but it’s destroying her. She has a lil boy, who she can’t speak to, she can’t hold, she can’t even feed herself. She’s not the same person I knew all my life. They don’t give her much time either. Its with a heavy heart for me to open myself up like this, but I just needed to get this out. I believe prayers help, even when there is very little hope.

I am so behind on my book reviews, but I have a great bunch of authors I review for an I’m sure they will understand. I’m trying to get back into reading and reviewing, but all this has really shocked my system to say the least.
Don’t ever take life for granted, as it can be taken from the best of us.

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Alien General's Fated: SciFi Alien Romance (Brion Brides)Alien General’s Fated: SciFi Alien Romance by Vi Voxley
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My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 stars fast paced ,a definite page turner!

This book is about Ryden,a very sexy Brion. A Brion is an intergalactic species, which are human looking, and are big brawny warriors . Ryden becomes commander and is asked by the council to defend Ilotra base on the moon, whos purpose is to try keeping all the other planets in the universe intact. The clayors, a nasty bunch, want to destroy it. Aria a beautiful human woman whose an ambassador in training, is chosen to meet Rydon and tell him what’s going on , that they need him to defend their base.When they meet she is attracted instantly, and he is to her.
They go through the paces of defenses, but the clayors are tough because they are of a hive mind, meaning thousands of them are controlled by one main mind. The more Ryden is with Aria the more he wants her.
She spurns his advances at first, but then relents leading into very hot n heavy sex . He’s very well endowed to say the least!
She gets kidnapped and Ryden loses it.
Now he’s gotta fight to get her back, and with all the clayors the task may fail, and he will lose her, and the base forever. This book definitely had amazing descriptions of the species, you could picture it perfectly in your mind. Not to mention hot sizzling sex, non stop action, and tons of battling a must read for sci-fi romance Lovers! Recieved arc in return of an honest review. Highly recommended !

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