my review of Outlaws Bride (Grizzlies Mc #3) by Nicole Snow

Give me a week. I’ll conquer her spitfire tongue and remind her what it’s like to ache desire. I’m not stopping ’til her lips are on mine, making her squirm the way she used to, begging me for more…


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My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book will have your panties melting more times then you can count! If you love Mc Bad Boys this is for you!!This is my first novel from author Nicole Snow an it won’t be my last! I’m hooked on the Grizzlies ! I’m hooked on Roman, the man that received his name from the many no good men he crucified along the way. I was really drawn to all the characters, the author was able to give us an in-depth view of the bad boys in the club without taking the light off the main characters which I really liked. Another thing is she went back and forth between what Roman was feeling,and doing , and how Sally was feeling from chapter to chapter which is a refreshing change as it’s not coming from just 1 pov. Sally meets Roman he’s a huge fit hot biker ,and well they have fun during the summer..Roman has to go help his club, his brothers,the men he will die for. Roman and Sally get torn apart not by choice for quite awhile. When Roman comes back to town , they don’t click as they once did. Danger comes to the Jennings farm forcing Roman to be around Sally again, unearthing the biggest secret ever. Danger is at every door , and now he’s gotta do anything he can to keep them safe. This book is nonstop action, with tons of Hot powerful driven sex! It does end with a HEA so no worries about cliffhangers ! I sure hope there is more to Roman and his new life down the road cause I definitely didn’t get enough of this bad boy , and his old lady ! I was given a copy of Outlaws Bride by the author for an honest review.

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